Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cooking Up Fun

Felicity Loves to "halp kook"(help cook). She is enjoys bringing a dining room chair over and climbing up so that she can see what is happening on the counter and asking Mommy if she can help cook. Stirring is very fun and so is washing dishes, both projects get quite messy with her help! She is so cute about helping her momma that I just have her help clean up the mess as well! This picture is of her helping to make bread sometime in December. She loves to eat good home cooked bread. Momma is getting better at her once over glances and grabs the knives before Felicity gets all the way up! Every time she approaches the stove she'll holds her hand back and will say "hot, Hot?" just to check about where she can put her hands. I really encourage her caution. Thankfully she is and always has been quite analytical and seems to think through an action before doing it. I am so grateful for this and am worried that this next child is going to be the complete opposite and go charging into anything and everything!
This is of Momma and Felicity in our chef's uniforms! A friend of mine bought this darling outfit for Felicity and it is quite a favorite! She has it in her play kitchen's cupboard and pulls it out from time to time to help Momma or just do some cooking on her own! Momma is in the Culinary Arts program at University of Alaska Anchorage and is working hard to get her associates degree by December!


Joanna said...

Yay! Another post!

Hmmm, I wonder who got her that apron cooking set... hmmm, I wonder. :)

Glad it's getting good use.

You're right, she does seem quite analytical. Ha ha, yup, watch out for the next one! Yikes!

Love you guys!

Benjamin said...

Joanna, thanks for the great custume.

Now if I can just convince Felicity to stop using the open dishwasher as a step stool....