Saturday, March 29, 2008

A funny story!

So I finally sent out a notice to family and friends that this place exists. I hope that you are all enjoying it, and leaving your comments for all to read. A friend of ours sent me a little story about Felicity and his daughter's adventures at church. We are currently meeting at a High School while our building is repaired from a roof fire which happened last spring. The Auditeria is the theater/ cafeteria where we meet for our main meetings. The seats in that room are the kind of bleachers that can fold up into themselves and form a single wall. They continue all the way up to a second story and are always out while we are there. The room was mostly empty except for our 10-15 choir members. Felicity usually plays between Ben(Bass section) and I (soprano) talking to people in between and having fun.
Here is the Story!
Last week at choir practice after church, Felicity and my 2 year old stole away to the very top of the stairs in the Auditeria. I went up to get them and there they both were sitting in the peanut gallery watching what was going on. I asked her what they were doing and Felicity looked me square in the eye and said..."I pooped". She was just looking for some privacy.

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Joanna said...

I'm gonna pee my pants laughing! That's fantastic! I love your little girl!!!