Monday, August 25, 2008

I am back!

Well, I haven't been doing all that well with this keeping up with this Blog thing! School is starting again this week and it will be a busy week! My wonderful sister will be watching the munchkins while go cavorting back to school and try my hand at Fine Dining Restaurant Serving in my Hospitality class. I look forward to seeing ALL of you come in and have lunch with ME!!!

I let my wonderful brother in law talk me into working at a precinct for this election season! Yes, I am going to be a Precinct Chairman (as in I am running the joint!) I have always enjoyed helping at the elections when I can and he took away all my arguments when he said that his wife could watch Felicity and I could just bring Danarra with me. He even sweetened the deal by recruiting two of my brothers to work for me! How could I say no? So, I will be gone working all day tomorrow- see you at the polls!!!

Ben is back in town for a couple of days, his work took him up to Fairbanks last week and he is going to be returning there on Wednesday to try to conclude the business needed up there. Thankfully he is planing on being back in town for my big Ward party that I am coordinating. The Huffman Ward Second Annual Duct Tape Boat Regatta and Ward BBQ
Sounds like fun, huh? It would be a lot more fun for ME if I had some help getting it organized! But alas all others are busy, so that is how the dice rolls and I will do my best!

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