Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two are more than one!

Well I keep trying to stay up on things. I guess that I just need to be better at scheduling and planning. I seem to have a built in adversion to planning my days out meticulously, even though I am fairly sure that it would help. I bet that has nothing to do with the hours of family planning meetings that have I attended. It just seems like it would be so much work and I have no sense of time.
Danarra is nearly 3 months old and I am learning how much more work it is to run after a two year old when carrying a 3 month old. A stroller is a lifesaver- you can run faster when pushing a stroller than when trying to haul a baby filled carseat. I guess the up side is that I'm expending more energy and have less time to eat! So I hoping to be getting very slender soon! Yeah right! Well, I can dream!

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Joanna E. Dickson said...

Johanna dearest, I am so glad you are up on your blog. I have been neglecting mine too lately. Trying to get back into the hang of things again, but I don't have good excuses called kids. Lucky you. :)

Love you much! Need to get out there soon and visit!