Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another one on the way!!

I just glanced at the last few posts and realized that last I posted about the girls, D was only 3 months old. Now she is 14 months old and everywhere. We are 3 months away from having baby #3 with a twist since they are getting a Brother. Felicity Couldn't be happier since that is what she asked for and Danarra has no idea what is coming!
Our curly headed Danarra is into everything and loves Books-she brings them to anyone she thinks might know how to read them to her, Stuffed animals and dolls- she'll grin and give them big hugs- often she categorizes smalled children in this group as well and Mommy has to save the other child from smothering or being knocked over!
Beautiful energetic Felicity has started Joy School (Mommy and two other ladies are the teachers). She is proud of all her pictures and loves to tell everyone about her school. She is a big girl!!!
Mommy is teaching Joy school next week for the first time and is a bit nervous- probably should just make sure she reads and prepares her lessons. It is also a challenge to be prepared for a new little one but I can't wait until he comes- December 18 is the due date and we'll be thrilled to meet him!


The Ivey Family said...

So fun to hear the update sounds like you guys are doing soooo good. You'll Love joy school, I sure did and Isaac too! Correct me if i am wrong but isnt Bens birthday December 18?? That is so fun to be due on his birthday!

Anne said...

Yay you updated your blog! I love it!