Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wonderful World of Senses

Well, it was my turn to teach Joy School again. This time the lessons this week are on the five senses. It was pretty funny having the kids try to put a ball in bowl across the room without using various parts of their bodies. For instance, blindfolding their eyes, or covering their ears. I think the most fun was when they couldn't use their legs- I had to show them how they might push with their hands or roll across the room. It is not vary easy to roll on the ground when several months pregnant. I was glad that they were the only witnesses since they don't notice things like that!
We got to taste and smell various powders; pepper, jello, cocoa, salt, sugar. When asked what they thought each was, one of the little boys said "sugar" for everything from jello to black pepper!
Below I've posted the audio file of sounds that we made so that we could learn more about hearing.

Ben is back home after a trip to Texas, for work, and Colorado, for play. Ok, so the Colorado wasn't just play- he went to see his brother Jeremiah. They seem to have enjoyed it, and I am enjoying having Ben back to myself- with a couple (make that a few) munchkins in between!

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