Monday, January 18, 2010

Things to do

So I want to put together a list of things to do around Anchorage. I decided that this blog would be a good place to put it so that other moms can use it to! If you have something else to add just send me a comment with a link of the info on the new event. I'll keep updating it.
Some of these ideas will come from the Muni's Parks and Rec. Winter 2010 Activity Guide

M 10:30 am Guitar Musician Annie Reeves brings a variety of musical instruments to share with our budding musician. Children are encouraged to sing and play along. (regular admission/passes apply)
Story Time W 10:30 Storytime lasts approximately 30 - 45 minutes, including the animal encounter. Children must be accompanied by adults during the program.(regular admission/passes apply)

  • Parent Child time M-F 11-2pm (P+1 child $6, P+2 children $9)
  • Riverwalk time Morning: M W F 7-10 am Evening: T TH 5-8 pm
*********Punch cards are available for both Parent/Child time and for the Riverwalk. If you buy the discounted gift cards at Costco you can use them to buy a punch card and get it for even cheaper!!!!**********

Library Storytimes

current schedule

High School pools
Links to the schedules for each of the high school pools are available at the following link:
Price: Adult $5 Youth (4-18 year) $3 10 punch card: Adult $45 Youth $27


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