Monday, August 16, 2010

"Cops help people when they are dead."

Yes, kids DO say the darnedest things. This gem came from Felicity as she was sitting curled up on the playroom couch. It sounded like the "cops" were having it out with the "mean old witch" at the park. The "mean old witch" was a character in a Joy school Halloween song. But I am unsure where the "cops" came from. We have talked about policeman and police cars, but I can't recall the cops being part of any prior conversations. So I asked her "What are Cops?" Her response was "Cops help people when they are dead." Well, I guess that IS part of their job description!


孫邦柔 said...
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JElsie said...

Johanna, your family is AWESOME. Yay Felicity for being so well-spoken. Hugs.