Friday, April 1, 2011

Pad Thai Update:

Well, as all of you know my cooking style is a bit here and a bit there and if I don't have or want it then I'll substitute whatever comes to mind. So that is how I treated the Pad Thai recipe that I posted on here some time ago. I have NEVER actually followed the whole thing- it has tofu, pickled radish and little salted shrimp- where do you even buy those things? I decided to try to find some recipe that would better reflecte what I actually cook up for my family as Pad Thai. The first recipe that I looked at online ended up being this one and it is much closer to what I actually make. It has the tamarind, fish sauce, chili powder/sauce, brown sugar that I have found to be the key to a GREAT Pad Thai. I am going to be sure to make a double amount of sauce I love my food to have lots of flavor and be a bit saucy. I haven't tried making pad thai with garlic, but since the garlic and the red chili are just used for cooking the chicken, I'm sure it'll be great. I love garlic and I look forward to trying it! Generally, I use whatever meat I have on hand, chicken or shrimp. My one concern is that it does not have eggs - which seems to just be an omission Here is a more accurate and fabulous Pad Thai Recipe The computer wouldn't let me copy and paste the recipe.

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